Specialized Student Health Insurance

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    Insurance companies can market their insurances to students by emphasizing that their package covers student necessities, but at the end of the day you have the same insurance as most citizens. However, there are also specialized student health insurance packages, meant for students that want flexible health insurance for a low price. We will discuss these special student insurances in this article.

    What is student health insurance?

    There are namely two companies that provide this insurance and offer an application process in English: AON and OOM.

    Specialized student health insurance is meant for international students who are unsure if their domestic insurance covers all costs while they are staying in the Netherlands. As a non-EU student, for a premium much lower than normal health insurance, you can ensure that you don’t receive any unexpected medical costs as a result of your domestic insurance not covering them. For students with an EHIC card, it could also be an addition to your home country insurance in case it does not cover all costs.

    Is student health insurance necessary for you?

    Specialized student insurance is not necessary for itself if your domestic insurance covers basic medical costs in the Netherlands, but it is a good idea if you don’t want to pay for extra medical costs. Having student insurance is still a great supplement if you want to be sure that everything is covered. 

    Student insurance also covers the costs of repatriation, which means that if you need to be transferred back to your home country for medical reasons, the transfer cost will be refunded by the student health insurance.

    The premium for this kind of insurance is lower than normal health insurance because it is meant to be an additional package over your regular health insurance. Own risk deductibility is also lower than with normal health insurance, which means that your own compensation for medical costs will be lower for costs that your specialized insurance covers. 

    Overall, we recommend choosing specialized student healthcare insurance if your own domestic insurance doesn’t cover most medical costs. It is affordable, flexible and you can sleep better at night knowing that your medical expenses are covered.

    Did you find this article helpful?

    Did you find this article helpful?

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