Fantastic Night in ‘Vera’ with An Unexpected Twist

I put out my cigarette and enthusiastically scrutinised the posters in which the building of ‘Vera’, one of the best places in Groningen for rock, metal, pop and alternative music shows, was covered.

 It must have been ages since I went to a live concert, but there I was waiting in line to enter accompanied by two guys from the student house in which I was living.

If you never had the chance to live in a student house, despite other inconveniences, you always have the opportunity to randomly meet new people, with whom you might have a good many aspects in common.

Yes, if you wonder I had, in fact, met my company of the night basically on the same day. To be more specific, I had met them a couple of hours before we decided to give ‘Vera’ a shot.

Probably sounds a bit reckless but if I were to give you advice on how to behave during your first year in your Bachelor’s I would tell you to push your limits and get out of that ‘cosy’ comfort zone. If you feel you would vibe with some strangers, just go and try to start a conversation. You have nothing to lose!

Anyways, there I was with my newly-made friends in the misty cold night awaiting. Eventually, someone from the staff shouted ‘Next’ and we got our tickets scanned, paid to leave our coats in the cloakroom so we would have our hands free for the concert and headed downstairs to what is known as ‘The Downstage’.

In case you have never been to ‘Vera’ you should know that the club is split into two stages: ‘The Mainstage’ located in the upper part of the building, is designed for hosting concerts of more famous bands and for organising cinema nights, and ‘The Downstage’ where more underground bands usually play.

‘The Downstage’ is really encapsulating in its design a reminiscence of old street music bars with its wooden accents and a little bar. If you want you can imagine the kind of place that it nostalgically reminds you of the little PUB you would go with your friends to skip classes in high school.

Because we were still a little early, we went to the bar and grabbed a beer each. Eventually, the lights turned off, and the concert started.

I will be honest and mention that I have no clue what was the deal with the band we went to see, just that its name was ‘Seawolves’ as we went more for the whole experience. Nonetheless the band sounded extremely good.

After the concert ended, we went out and wandered around a bit more as we were not yet in the mood to go back home. We ended up in another bar where we drank and talked about life and other philosophical topics you can come up with if your brain is sunk in enough alcohol.

Eventually, around two o’clock in the morning, we decided to go back to our student house. We headed to the place where we had left our bikes, but surprise, the bike of one of my friends was gone!

I was quite sure he had locked his bicycle like any normal person does in the Netherlands, so I urged both of them to continue searching.

In the end, he managed to find his chain, but to our astonishment, the chain was tied to a completely different bike!

Red with anger, my friend insisted looking for his bike but in the end, gave up. Looking at the scratched frame of his ‘new’ bicycle, he sighed and said ’Let’s just go, I am done with this!’

The other guy and I walked in silence holding our bikes, while the one who got his bike stolen cursed all the way back home determined to go to the police. Suffice to say that he had never recovered his original brand new bike, so he kept the one the thief left instead.

The end of our first night together as a group of music nerds ended up in disaster but we definitely managed to make memories to cherish later!

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