Do you need Dutch health insurance?

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    When starting a new adventure abroad, concerns about your health should not get in your way and it’s important that you are covered for any misfortune the student life may throw at you. But is it necessary to get Dutch health insurance? 

    Are you eligible for Dutch health insurance?

    If any of these requirements fit you, you are obliged to have Dutch health insurance. 

    • You have a residence permit and citizen service number (you live here for more than 90 days) and you want to stay permanently. (Non-European students need a residence permit if they want to stay for more than 90 days).
    • You work parttime or fulltime in the Netherlands
    • You have a 0-hour work contract in the Netherlands
    • You have a paid internship in the Netherlands

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    If you don’t meet any of these requirements, you are not obliged to have Dutch health insurance. However, you will need insurance from your domestic country, as the law requires people living in the Netherlands to have health insurance. We recommend that you check how your domestic insurance covers costs in the Netherlands and if taking out specialized student health insurance is necessary for you. 

    You must request an assessment online or by post, eight weeks before the date on which you require the assessment. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible so you can be sure of your situation when you’re in the Netherlands. You will also need a DigiD or a citizen service number. 


    For European or EEC students, you can use a European Health Insurance Card for your medical coverage. This means that your domestic health insurance applies in the Netherlands, giving you the same rights to medical assistance as Dutch residents. For more information, read our article on EHIC card.

    For non-EU students, specialized student health insurance could be helpful, as it gives you a cheaper but broader coverage than the one you might receive from your home country. Additionally, student insurance is very flexible, as you can choose your contract’s duration, and even stop the insurance for times you are not in the Netherlands.

    More assistance

    If you still have doubts about whether or not you need Dutch health insurance, you can go to the website of SVB ( the organisation responsible for the implementation of the Dutch national insurance schemes) for a detailed assessment of your status. SVB will assess your situation and give you advice on health insurance according to your situation. Alternatively, you can go to the zorgverzekeringslijn. They will answer any remaining questions about health insurances, health insurance laws, and graciously take the time to understand your problems and give advice in English, for free!

    Did you find this article helpful?

    Did you find this article helpful?

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